Elvis ’56 was conceived of in 2015 by its producer Terri Futreal as a celebrations of Elvis’ breakout year of 1956.  The original idea was to do a traditional “tribute” concert focusing on Elvis’ early years.  Instead of the jumpsuit Elvis backed by a big band that has become ubiquitous in the mind of the public, the idea was to strip both Elvis and the music of its pomp and circumstance, and bring the audience an experience that was raw.  Present both the artist and the music like it was originally produced back when Elvis was know as a “Hillbilly Cat” and not yet crowned the “King of Rock and Roll.”


Once Futreal and the Elvis ’56 Executive Producer, Jason Sherry brought Cody Slaughter and David Fontana on board, the complete production took form.  Instead of a traditional tribute show, Slaughter and Fontana, through music and storytelling, would take the audience on a trip back in time to the moment when rock and roll was born.  Instead of portraying Elvis, Slaughter would create an illusion transporting the audience to a 1956 concert, and giving them an opportunity to watch history happen.


  • August 14, 2015 – Elvis ’56 premiered during Elvis Week 2015 in Memphis, TN.
  • November, 2015 – Elvis ’56 was honed during a seven date tour of Alberta and Saskatchewan in Canada.

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